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What clients say ...

I've been very fortunate to be a massage client of Brigitte's on the east coast for a number of years and was very excited when, several years later, after many years' break, we found ourselves both on the west coast, in the Bay Area. Although I'm unable to get to Brigitte's Richmond location nearly as often as I would like, it is a wonderful treat I very much look forward to whenever I can have a session with her. She is truly a caring person and skilled practitioner. She always creates a very comforting and healing environment and I feel so taken care of when I'm in her hands, literally. During our sessions, she makes me feel the most comfortable and cared for, takes her time, checks in with me without losing focus of her work on me and I forget myself and my worries. I can just relax into a deep rest. She always allows the time I need to adjust from the session back to my "waking" state. I can really feel my circulation moving like it wasn't before the session and a lingering feeling of deep relaxation afterwards. She wants to know how I'm doing after her sessions and takes time to discuss other ideas and recommendations for my health situation. If I could have Brigitte work on me every week, I would do it without hesitation. When I can get to a session, I am that much more eager and relish the experience that much more. I highly recommend Brigitte's services.

AngelRosalie G

I have been a client of Brigitte's for over 20 years and would highly recommend her! She is truly a special person with fantastic massage and healing skills. Brigitte always asks how you are feeling and if there are any particular health or physical problems for special focus before beginning a session. She asks for feedback because it's important to her to ensure you are feeling good about the session, and welcomes your input. She's gentle in nature, yet strong and confident in her professional abilities. From reflexology, to energy balancing, to various massage techniques, she's truly gifted. I miss my once-a-month sessions with her and look forward to her periodic trips to Maryland when she visits friends and clients (I try never to miss a session with her when she visits back east!). For those in the Bay Area, you have inherited a wonderful woman and therapist!


Brigitte recently moved to Berkeley from the Washington, DC, area. I got regular massage therapy from Brigitte for many years when she was in DC, starting when I was pregnant with my first child over 12 years ago. She has a healing and relaxing touch; she is very intuitive about what her clients need; and her prices are reasonable. I always felt great after a session with Brigitte. When I travel for business to the West Coast I will definitely look up Brigitte and get a massage.

AngelKaren D.

I have gone to Brigitte for 10 years in the Washington, DC area. She is an excellent massage therapist. She does a lot of reflexology (massage of the feet), which is good for health because the feet have all of the organs on them. She is quick to pick up what parts of the body needs work and focuses well on them.

She is intuitive and sensitive to how people are feeling emotionally. She knows a lot about integrative health and ways of healing naturally. She uses all of these abilities to heal people through her massage.

She undercharges and is well worth an extra amount and a large tip.

I highly recommend her.

AngelMolly H.

I just had an amazing one hour massage from Brigitte and it was wonderful. I stand all day and my feet were very tight and painful so I requested a foot massage. She worked on them until all the aches and pains were gone and they felt more flexible than they'd been in years. At the end I told her they felt like new babies, all warm and cozy and snuggly. I can't wait for my next massage with Brigitte which will be for my neck and back. She is a true healer.

AngelJana B.

I had the best experience over a week ago by going to Brigitte Everett, on University Ave and Jefferson in Berkeley. I walked into her wonderfully welcoming work studio feeling tired, out of sorts, getting over some vague medical problems. Brigitte quickly assessed the nature of my difficulties. She suggested the best way to deal with my current situation would be to have me get some Foot Reflexology for most of the hourly session, then she said she would work on my neck, head and shoulders, and finish with some energy work at the end. After getting my approval she proceeded to work in silence.

She placed a wonderfully heated pack under my head and shoulders and neck, placed pillows under my knees and feet and a warm blanket on my body. I felt so warm and cared for, it was total heaven! Brigitte started working on my feet, I could tell she knew what she was doing, her pressure was firm, but not painful. I could feel myself drifting.... it was a very nice feeling. I could also feel a sensation of energy moving on the right side of my body, for a second I thought it was my cell phone, but I had cleverly shut my cell phone off so I realized it was energy flowing. I have had bodywork before but I was realizing this truly was special. I know this woman has healing hands and a gentle caring nature.

When Brigitte was finished with my feet, she went to work on my head, neck and shoulders after removing the warm pack. I have an old neck injury and it was very nice to get that area worked on. She finished with some energy holds, and allow me plenty of time to rest before getting off the table.

So, in sum, I have been feeling grounded, energized, and wonderful ever since I saw Brigitte Everett way over a week ago. The issues I came in to see her with are things of the past, I feel so good I tell all my friends to make an appointment to see her, that they are in for an unexpected treat! She recently relocated from Maryland, but has a long line of happy clients there where she goes back to reconnect with twice a year. Her website is, and her number is 510-529-8644, and her e mail is Her fees are reasonable and she is quite generous with her time. Giver her a try, you will not be sorry!


I have been a client of Brigitte Everett's for three years. Originally, I was motivated to try massage therapy because of neck and back discomfort as well as fatigue and tension. During the time I have been a client of Ms. Everett's, I have seen her every other week for therapy.

My experience with Ms Everett has exceeded my expectations; I have been delighted with overall improvement in my physical and mental well-being. My posture has improved which has helped my neck and back problem. Over the three years, I have been able to deal with the stresses of work and home without the former fatigue and tension.

Ms. Everett has been a positive presence in my life during the time I have known her. She is a competent and thoughtful massage therapist. I've always felt her personal care for me as a client. I know that she brings not only her training and skill to the job, but true compassion and joy as well.

I always look forward to my bi-weekly massage therapy and bodywork sessions with Ms. Everett and feel the difference on those occasions when I miss one.

AngelCarolyn McCart

Dear Brigitte:

I would like to commend you for your outstanding work and professionalism. Over the last three years that I have been coming to you for massage therapy and bodywork, I have been able to build the house, start my business, and complete a Doctorate degree! I am convinced that none of this would have been possible had you not helped me with your stress management techniques. Your advice on nutrition, exercise and breathing all contributed to helping me achieve and maintain balance. But most important your friendship and generous caring have made all the difference.

Thank you and keep up the GREAT work!

AngelFaith Lee Breen, Ph.D.

I met Brigitte Everett on the first day she came to work with Dr. Rifkin. He had her work on my feet for fifteen or twenty minutes (reflexology), and I was impressed how sensitive she was to the physical problems I had. She picked up just about every problem area I had in those few minutes. Not only that, she worked on the appropriate area in my feet to stimulate that area. I felt much better when I left.

In later visits she used massage therapy techniques on my neck and shoulder where I have a muscle spasm from an auto accident several months ago. She gave me more relief than I had been able to get before from various types of therapy.

At her encouragement I arranged for total body massage and it did wonders for me. One of her techniques is to encourage deep breathing by breathing deeply herself, and it does help a lot to achieve a relaxed state.

The first massage helped me so much I decided to turn my schedule upside down and schedule appointments with her every week for a while.

As the weeks passed I noticed a sense of well-being was coming over me, as well as relief in the muscle spasm. She had brought me into a state of balance. My feet which were hard and rigid weeks ago are soft and pliable now.

I look forward to my massage therapy and bodywork appointments with Brigitte very much and appreciate the improvements she has accomplished.

AngelJoy Wry

I am very pleased to write a letter of support for Brigitte Everett, Certified Massage Therapist in Montgomery County, Maryland. For the past five years I have been a client of Brigitte's and have received massage therapy services bi-weekly, including polarity energy balancing, deep muscle therapy and foot reflexology. I truly believe Brigitte has enhanced the quality of my life, and my physical and mental well being has greatly improved through her excellent therapy skills, competence and general knowledge of the health and wellness field.

Brigitte has always exhibited the highest of standards in her professionalism, working ethics and moral character. She is an extremely caring individual, always interested in the welfare of her clients, and continually striving to provide the very best therapeutic services. I do not hesitate to give Brigitte the very highest recommendation and strong support - she is truly gifted and we are blessed to have her in our community,

AngelGail E. Smith

I have known Brigitte Everett for over 12 years. Our association began at the Synergy Center for Dance and Healing Arts, where she maintained part of her massage therapy practice for a number of years. In addition to dance classes there, several health professions of bodywork and acupuncture were represented. I have seen Brigitte for extended periods of regular massage therapy during our acquaintance. I have continued to follow her through changes of setting since our initial connection at the Synergy Center. I have continued with Brigitte because her massage therapy is so healing and effective.

I have utilized the services of a number of bodyworkers throughout the country. My massage therapy sessions with Brigitte are characterized by relaxation, release of stressed joints and body regions, deeper breathing, improved energy and very often laughter. I experience Brigitte as a truly healing presence. She is well-trained and capable, and brings both experience and intuition to provide individualized support to me as a client.

I recommend her highly for any professional endeavor or recognition she may pursue.

AngelLinda J. St Germain

Dear Brigitte,

Hello!  You did two pregnancy massages for me in September and October.  They were awesome!  I had my baby girl on October 21, a week overdue.  She was 9 lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long.  And, I had natural childbirth!  Yay!  She's absolutely perfect!  The massages were such a nice way to relax and have time just for myself during the pregnancy.  Thank you!


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